Quality and Environment

The production of electronics includes soldering joints. A high-quality joint can be achieved only when all factors are carefully controlled. Such is achieved through a well-documented process as well as through the use of machines that meet stipulated requirements.

Thanks to our intranet solution, all necessary information and instructions are always accessible from each worktable and workstation. Our intranet holds, among other things, work orders, document history, production history (part and serial numbers) and service and calibration instructions for various machines and equipment.

Our company implements the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which is a management framework that ensures systematic control of all processes.

Our production team consists of well-educated and skilled workers. Our focus lies on customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of our services, including the realization of process driven, defect-free production.

Material traceability based on batch tracing

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and operate to best practice: meeting all legally mandated environmental requirements and continuously seeking to minimize waste while also increasing our waste recycling/recycling rate.

To ensure quality, we use programmable testing equipment or product-specific testing procedures. Through our testing programs, all products are continuously revaluated and adjustments made as needed.


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