Sirico Electronics is a reliable and competitive Finnish contract manufacturer of electronics and electromechanics with over two decades of experience.

Contract manufacturer of electronics

Our customer base primarily consists of companies in the industrial electronics sector. Ninety-five percent of our products go to the international market, either directly or indirectly.

We offer the manufacturing of small and medium-sized product series, including material procurement and/or the assembly of customers’ material. Co-production and/or the production of prototypes are also offered as part of our services.

Our services also include mechanical and electromechanical assembly, testing and packaging as well as product factories. Furthermore, we offer manufacturing, quality control and the packing and delivering of the finished product.


Sirico Electronics has been an AAA-rated (Triple A) company for several years. Part of our overall quality is a strong financial foundation, which allows us to invest in the newest production techniques.


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