What Sirico offers its customers

A customer focus helps us create long-term customer relationships that include quality and flexibility on our behalf. The principle of continuous improvement guides our development and production.

Our production facilities are new, modern and specifically designed for demanding electronics manufacturing; we fulfill Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) requirements and use filtered ventilation and humidity control systems. We furthermore use environmentally-friendly geothermal heating and effective heat-recovery systems.

New investments in our facilities include the expansion of our production lines, which allows us to scale our production lines for either prototype/small or mid-sized series and thereby ensures flexibility.

We strive to offer services for every stage of a product’s life cycle – from product development to prototype, pilot series to volume production - all under controlled circumstances and while simultaneously seeking solutions whenever components need to be changed. Our intranet system allows us to monitor every stage of the process, from calculations, production management, documentation, manufacturing instructions, testing and service as well as the packaging and delivery of products.

Our extranet system allows us to share information with our customers, including information on the stage and progression of an order. This also allows our customers’ product development teams to see not their own materials only but also our entire inventory erasing other customers customerspesific components, from which they can choose.


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